¿Have you thought about Google Workspace?

An ideal solution for small, medium and big enterprises looking to improve productivity with the best collaboration softwares available. 

The leading collaboration platform.

Why Google Workspace and why Rubik?

Pay workspace with your local currency.

With Rubik, you can always buy Google Workspace and pay with your local currency with local bills, accessing exclusive discounts only a certified Google Partner like us can offer

Available in: 🇦🇷 - 🇺🇾 - 🇺🇸 - 🇨🇱 - 🇲🇽

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E-mail, calendar, calls, chat, spreadsheets, presentations, documents, storage for audio and video files, video conferencing and more - all in one place.


Create and collaborate in real-time on documents, spreadsheets and presentations. All stored in the cloud and managed through a tool we all know: Google Drive.


Manage and control your users. Apply security policies for all of them. The company's information: secure.

Duet AI

Duet AI is a powerful collaborator that can act as a coach, thought partner, source of inspiration, and productivity booster while ensuring organization has control over their data.

Choose your Google Workspace pricing plan. Try it free for 14 days.

Every plan includes:


$6 USD

per user / month, 1 year commitment ℹ

Business Standard

$12 USD

per user / month, 1 year commitment ℹ

Business Plus

$18 USD

per user / month, 1 year commitment ℹ


Please contact the Sales team for pricing information


We can offer local currency payments for many countries in the region while giving you advanced consulting support in the Workspace ecosystem for every software application that it has available. You will not only get Workspace, but we will also give you the tools and path to introduce it correctly to your work operations to maximize it´s potential. 

Similar to G Suite, all Google Workspace plans provide a custom email for your business and include collaboration tools like Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Chat, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, 

Duet AI is a powerful collaboration partner that can act as a coach, source of inspiration, and productivity booster — all while helping to ensure every user and organization has control over their data. Please visit our Duet AI page to learn more.

We have a variety of plans that are designed to meet your unique business needs. 

Absolutely. All plans feature a free 14-day trial, so you can start to see the value of Workspace before signing up. 

If you’re a business with less than 300 employees, you can get started online today. Companies with more than 300 employees can contact sales to learn more about our enterprise plans.

Why should I choose Rubik?


Google Solutions

We leverage Google Cloud, Google Marketing Platform, Looker Platform and Google Workspace with all their powerful services and solutions and unlimited integration posibilities.


Rubik Platform

We have our own software of solutions. We build the solutions focused on the needs of our customers and make them available on our platform.

Advanced BI

We assist companies in the development of advanced dashboards, data science, and data analytics with our training programs. We train your expertise and improve your business.


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